Premium Braised Whole Abalone

▪ Only using live caught abalone, cleaned and packed in the shortest possible time to preserve the freshness and natural juices.

▪ With its absorbent texture that draws other flavours beautifully, our abalone is live braised, traditionally prepared in the Cantonese cooking style with no added preservative or artificial colourings.

▪ A good source of Omega 3, iodine and protein

▪ Heads refers to the number of abalones per can

▪ Drained weight is the weight of abalone without sauce. Higher drained weight means more abalone content.

▪ Open the can, slice our abalones thinly and sauté slightly to warm and serve with abalone sauce.

▪ Packs a punch in flavors and well definitely make you want more!

Premium Braised Whole Abalone

SKU: 0003
  • Premium Braised Abalone



    6, 22 or 28 pieces per can


    Net weight: 425g per can


    Drained weight: (6pcs) 150g / (22pcs) 180g / (28pcs) 180g


    Country of Origin: China