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Threadfin Tail - Frozen

Our Threadfin
▪ Caught from the waters of Tanjung Balai
▪ Also known as Ngor He, 午鱼, Ikan Kurau
▪ Due to proximity, "Balai" Ngor reaches Singapore much faster and fresher than those from India.
▪ Only top-grade threadfins are selected for our explorers


Our Process
▪ Single-freeze
▪ Individually freezed for convenience.


Our Recommendation
▪ Best suited for confinement as it is high in vitamins and other nutrients.
▪ Recommended for steaming.
▪ Not recommended for frying



*We also carry threadfin head and portion cut in our shop.

Threadfin Tail - Frozen

SKU: 30200008.T
  • Threadfin Tail



    300g to 500g per pack


    Country of Origin: Indonesia