Cantonese Steamed Fish #recipeoftheweek

Cantonese steamed fish is a traditional, simple dish often served as one of the final courses in a Chinese wedding banquet (right before the last rice and noodle course).

That said, it’s also a dish that can be found on home dinner tables on any old weeknight. That’s how you know it’s not just easy…it’s really delicious.

All you need is a few simple ingredients that can probably already be found in your own pantry and refrigerator.


Steaming fish goes pretty quickly, especially with the fish fillets. As with any protein, bones extend cooking times, so it can be a bit trickier to determine when your fish is done.

Even with fish fillets, though, steaming time will still vary based on the type, size, and thickness of your fillet.

It’s best to check the fish earlier and keep steaming for an additional 1-2 minutes if needed. Avoid overcooking the fish, as it can get tough or rubbery!

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