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Ylistrum balloti 



Far West scallop is mainly found near coastal waters of Western Australia, Queensland and New Caledonia. This scallop is known for its fresh sweet taste, a firm texture and its very white colour.


Far West is the largest producer of scallops in Australia and the only Australian scallop fisher that operates in multiple fisheries. Far West Australian Wild Caught Scallops are sustainable and of high quality.


These scallops are caught in the beautiful, clean and pristine waters of Shark Bay, which is a world heritage-listed area, the Abrolhos Islands and the South Coast of Western Australia.

Shucked and frozen on board to preserve the Freshness of the scallop.

Shark Bay is the most western part of mainland Australia and home to the largest and most reliable scallop fishery in Western Australia. The fishery is located in a UNESCO world heritage listed marine environment, noted for its beauty, bio-diversity and clean waters.

 The Abrolhos Islands are located off the coast of Western Australia near the town of Geraldton, 400 km north of Perth. The Islands are known for their natural beauty, reefs and abundant fishing.

The South Coast scallop fishery is Western Australia’s largest by size, stretching from Augusta to Israelite Bay.

 Far West has a fleet of six modern scallop trawlers, used exclusively for catching scallops

The scallops are shucked and frozen on board to better preserve the taste and texture of the scallops. Highly efficient freezers ensure quick-freeze times.

The boats pull two nets just above the ocean bottom with exclusion devices attached to significantly reduce bycatch

Fleet FW.jpg

Carefully prepared for you.

The Far West Factory is a purpose-built scallop processing facility and established in 1998. As it is a dedicated facility only for processing scallops, there are no cross-contamination issues.

No water or chemical is added during processing, so you get to taste the most natural form of these beautiful scallops.

 A check is done by hand to remove any foreign objects that have not already been washed off.

Using the world’s most advanced scallop grader, installed in 2013; the grader accurately weighs each scallop individually to ensure consistently sized scallops. Scallops are graded more quickly meaning better temperature control and a superior product.

A final check is conducted for consistency and quality before packing with a high-quality dual-layer plastic bag to better protect the scallops

The plastic bags are sealed and tamper proof, guaranteeing the provenance of the scallops inside


Available in 300g and 1kg pack 


Wild Caught  //  Individually quick frozen   //   From Australia

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