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Wild Caught Australian Scallops - Frozen

▪ Scallop is one of the most versatile ingredients.

▪ Far West Australian Wild Caught Scallops are sustainable and of high quality.

▪ Caught in the beautiful, clean and pristine waters of Shark Bay, which is a world heritage-listed area, the Abrolhos Islands and the South Coast of Western Australia.

▪ Slightly salty and sweet in flavor, tastes delectable.

▪ No water or chemical is added during processing, so you get to taste the most natural form of these beautiful scallops.

▪ It is thinner than our Japanese scallops and is really easy to cook.

▪ Recommended to sear in a very hot pan on both side, until the natural juices starts to caramelize.

▪ Great for steamboat and hotpots too!

Wild Caught Australian Scallops - Frozen

  • Far West Wild Caught Australian Scallops



    Available in 300g and 1kg pack


    Size -

    Jumbo : 10 to 20 pieces per lb

    L : 20 to 30 pieces per lb

    M : 20 to 40 pieces per lb

    S : 40 to 60 pieces per lb


    Individually quick frozen for convenient use


    Country of Origin: Australia