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Premium Saudi Prawn - Frozen

Our Saudi Prawn

▪ Raised using pristine clean water of the Red Sea, under desert climatic conditions

▪ High saline marine environment gives firmer and sweeter prawns

▪ Non-intensive farming

▪ Direct from pond to plate.

▪ Certified to globally recognized quality, food safety, environmental, social & regulatory standards.


Our Process

▪ Vertically integrated operations to adhere to special specifications for sustainable shrimp farming.

▪ A single entity handles hatcheries to producing the final product to ensure quality and sustainability.

▪ With efficiency and technology, our Saudi Prawn are packed in the shortest time possible.


Our Recommendation

▪ Firm texture and sweet

▪ A good source of protein, selenium, phosphorus and vitamins B12 and E

▪ Versatile ingredient and suitable for a wide variety of dishes

 ▪ Best prepared by steaming, BBQ and grilling.

Premium Saudi Prawn - Frozen

  • Premium Saudi Prawn



    Approximately 80 to 100 pieces per box


    2kg per box


    Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia