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Premium Dried Sakura Ebi

Our Sakura Ebi

▪ Known also as Sakura Ebi, Cherry Shrimp or Cherry Blossom Shrimp, they are named after cherry blossoms, because of their similar colour

▪ Caught from deep sea in Taiwan, one of two places in the world where the species are found

▪ Only whole, sashimi-grade sakura ebi is selected


Our Process

▪ Our Sakura Ebi is produced using Low Temperature Drying

▪ Products are placed in a machine at approximately 30°C to slowly remove the dry the Sakura Ebi

▪ Low Temperature Drying can preserve the aroma, colour and natural sweetness of Sakura Ebi the best as compared to traditional outdoor drying and heated-air drying

▪ Produced in a controlled environment and so the hygiene standard is well controlled as compared to outdoor drying


Our Recommendation

▪ These deliciously sweet Sakura Ebi has a light crispy texture, and is suited for a variety of cuisines

▪ They can be added to your pasta, salad, fried rice and topping on your daily dishes!

▪ High nutrition value and a good source of natural calcium

Premium Dried Sakura Ebi

  • Premium Dried Sakura Ebi



    100g per pack


    Country of Origin: Taiwan