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Premium Rose Bird's Nest

Our proudest innovation in enabling a hassle-free way to prepare your bird nest.


Through our dedication in research and development, we took away the trouble of soaking and cleaning the impurities. You can now enjoy a bowl of comforting bird's nest the way you like it in 30 minutes!


All you have to do is to put a token in boiling water, together with any other ingredients you like. Stew for 30 minutes and...Voila! You are good to go.

Enjoy the most exquisite bird's nest, direct from Vietnam. To more glowing and radiant skin days.

Perfect for gifting - pamper you and your loved ones now!

100% cleaned by hand.

No bleaching.

No Added additives or preservatives.



Q: Any cleaning, rinsing or soaking required prior to stewing?

Through R&D, our bird's nest has been prepared such that no cleaning, rinsing or soaking is required prior to stewing.  

Q: Do we put the bird's nest in a boiling water or let it sit in bowl of hot water for 30 minutes?

Simply place the bird's nest into a porcelain bowl with water and any other ingredients you would like and continuously boil it for 30 minutes.


Q: What is the recommended serving?

1 token for adults, pregnant mommies and post-recovery.

Q: When is the best time to consume the bird's nest?


Best consumed with empty stomach in the morning and half an hour before bed.

How to prepare

your very own

premium rose

bird's nest

1. Place a token of our Premium  Rose Bird’s Nest in a porcelain bowl

2. Add 150ml to 250ml of water into the porcelain bowl.

3. Put water in a steamer or boiler then place the porcelain bowl inside.

4.  Stew for 20 to 30 minutes and voila! Time to enjoy the freshly stewed bird’s nest.


Storage conditions:

Store in a cool dry place, away from the sun.

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