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Concentrated Milkfish Essence

Only the finest milkfish are used to produce our very own concentrated milkfish essence.

Farmed through seawater in a controlled environment, each sachet contains the purest extractions of 2 whole milkfish.

100% natural, made only with milkfish; no preservatives, no additives.

Contains EPA, DHA, collagen, taurine and 18 amino acids, making it one of the most nourishing products in the market

Best Suited for:

  • Pre-natal nourishment

  • Post-natal recovery

  • Breastfeeding mothers

  • Students and working adults as an energy booster

  • Post-surgery recovery

  • Silver age group as natural food supplement

Concentrated Milkfish Essence

SKU: 30900004
  • Concentrated Milkfish Essence



    15 sachets per box


    60ml per sachet


    Country of Origin: Taiwan