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Essence of Chicken

Energy boost on-the-go!


Traditionally brewed with only chicken and water for hours in small, tightly controlled batches to extract the flavour and nutritional content.


▪ 100% made with naturally grown 16 weeks old chicken, free of artificial hormones and maker residues

▪ Double boiled with high pressure for 24 hours

▪ Natural aroma with no added flavour or sodium

▪ No preservatives

▪ Zero cholesterol

▪ Packaged with Japan safe packaging technology and no plasticizers


Lau Yuen Tong Essence of Chicken can be consumed at room temperature or warm.

Essence of Chicken

SKU: 30900005
  • Lau Yuen Tong Essence of Chicken



    7 sachets per box


    55ml per sachet


    Country of Origin: Taiwan